Corporate philosophy & self image

Panoramablick vom Wasser aus auf das Tanklager im Rheinauhafen bei Sonnenschein.

Corporate philosophy and self-image

A modern inland port today offers much more than just a transhipment point for products and goods. With its many links to the local economic area, it makes an important contribution to the sustainable development of its home region.

As one of the most important inland ports in Europe, the Port of Mannheim fulfils this responsibility in a host of ways. The many tasks include the planning, provision and maintenance of an infrastructure which offers future development perspectives both for
inland shipping and the local economy.

The continual further development of this infrastructure is geared to the changing requirements of the economy and helps to handle the increasing flow of goods in the future, thereby making a major contribution to the creation and strengthening of economic power, income, and employment far beyond the borders of the region.

A modern settlement management ensures the safeguarding of locations of companies based in the area and assists port-related companies when moving into the area. An encouraging factor is that in the case of small and medium-sized companies in particular, the most popular rental contracts run for 10 – 30 years.

Close and trusting contacts between the port management and local companies ensure forward-looking planning and the prompt institution of measures for necessary capacity increases. Through the continual and demand-oriented extension of the range of services and the assurance of adequate and demand-oriented availability of commercial property, the Port of Mannheim is addressing the increased demands of the local economy and fulfilling its role as a driver of growth for the benefit of the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar .

The Port of Mannheim is home to around 300 businesses, which together employ around 13,000 people. Every job in the port also helps to support 3-4 more jobs throughout the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region.

Sustainable business practices

environmental protection and energy efficiency are amongst the guiding principles of the port of Mannheim. Thanks to the environmental compatibility of inland shipping, the ecological balance of the whole transport chain running through the port is much more favourable than goods traffic handled exclusively by road or rail.

Over recent years, the Port of Mannheim has invested heavily in environmental protection measures. With its own photovoltaic systems to produce the electricity needed by the port, new lighting systems or preventive measures to limit the effect of oil spills into the river, the Port of Mannheim has demonstrated how seriously it takes the subject of environmental protection.

The economic activity of the port also has a direct effect on the region. The Port of Mannheim is home to around 450 businesses, which together employ around 20,000 people. Every job in the port also helps to support 3-4 more jobs throughout the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region.

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