Port Easy language, general information

Information in plain language

This is the website of the Port of Mannheim:

Here you will find a lot of information about the port of Mannheim.

Here you will also find information in plain language.

Many people can understand texts better in plain language.

This is important for some people:

  • Those who don’t understand German well.
  • Having a suffering.
  • Long sentences difficult to understand.


Plain language has fixed rules.

That’s why easy language is a fixed term.

That’s why Easy Language is a proper name.

Easy language is therefore capitalized.

We use the middle point in long words.

The media point makes the parts of words more visible.

This makes it easier to read and understand long words.


We will explain to you in easy language:

What is the port of Mannheim? Subpage About the harbor in easy language


We will explain to you in easy language:

This is how works:

At the top of the website is the name Port of Mannheim.

Clicking on it takes you to the main page.

In the footer of each page there is a link to information in plain language.

Clicking on it leads to this information.

There are different areas on the site.


These areas are, for example:

  • Company

This is the area over the port of Mannheim. It says here:

  • That’s what the port does.
  • This is how the port works.
  • Service

This is the area for help and offers. Here you will find:

  • What the port can do for you.
  • Information about the services from the port.
  • Data & Facts

This is the area with important numbers. Here you can find out:

  • Figures and information about the port.
  • More about the size and work of the port.
  • News

This is the area with new news. Here you can read:

  • What’s new.
  • Current information about the port.
  • Contact

This is the area with information about telephone and email. Here you will find:

  • The telephone number from the port.
  • The email address from the port.
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