Harbor Easy language

Please repeat this with media points, breaks and paragraphs.


The port in Mannheim is very important.
It is a large port in Europe.
The port is centrally located in Mannheim.
It is the largest river port in Germany.

Many people work in the port.
The port is well equipped.
It has many areas.
The port helps the ships.
It also helps the business.
He supports companies.
He has new ideas.
That brings money and jobs.
The area around the Rhine and Neckar is getting better.
He helps the business in Mannheim.

The port can carry many things.
It is well connected by roads, railways and water.
The port is important for cargo.
The port protects the environment.
It is modern and good for the environment.
The port represents success.

A company manages the port.
It is called the State Rhine-Neckar Port Company Mannheim.
She manages the port well.
She looks after the harbor.
She makes him better.
The company takes care of protection against floods.
She makes money from rentals and fees.
The State Rhine-Neckar Port Company Mannheim belongs to Baden-Württemberg.

The port has a long history.
He is ready for the future.

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