Launching of pleasure boats, ramp of the old Rhine ferry

Entfernter Blick auf das Containerterminal 1 bei Tag.

Port police notice for the Mannheim port area

Boats that are used for sport and pleasure shipping require a permit from the port authority to enter the port area of ​​Mannheim, in accordance with § 6 (1) 6 of the ordinance of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on ports, loading and unloading areas – port ordinance (HafenVO) – from 10.01 .1983.

Likewise, the launching of vehicles used for sport and pleasure shipping requires a permit (§ 10 (4) HafenVO).

The loading and unloading of sports boats is tolerated at the ferry ramp at Altrhein-km 1.1, tacitly and without legal entitlement at your own risk. After starting at the ferry ramp, only the direct, uninterrupted slow drive in the direction of Rheinstrom and back to the ferry ramp is tolerated.

The violation constitutes an administrative offense according to § 71 HafenVO and can be punished with a fine.

Mannheim, 07/27/2018 – 41
State port authority Mannheim in the state leasing company
Port Authority – i. A. Güntert
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