Handover of the Spatzenbrücke

Traffic is rolling over the Spatzenbrücke again, renovation work successfully completed

The Spatzenbrücke, one of the oldest German swing bridges, was officially put back into operation on March 25, 2003 with a boat trip into the connecting canal. In addition to representatives of the authorities involved, the construction companies in particular were on board the MS “Oberrhein”. The renovation of the bridge cost 1.2 million. “This has not been easy for us in the current financial situation; The joy that the work has been successful is all the greater, ”says port director Roland Hörner. All those involved in the project deserve thanks and recognition for the work they have done.

The Spatzenbrücke connects the city with the trading port. It was built in 1901 as a two-armed symmetrical swing bridge made of steel with a total gate range of 41.40 m. After the bridge structure was destroyed by air raids in World War II, it was salvaged and rebuilt in 1946–1948. The extensive renovation measures that have now been brought to a conclusion were necessary in order to continue to meet the high demands on road safety in the future. “Perhaps with the renovation we can also be an example for others and show that it must be possible to maintain the necessary infrastructure facilities even in difficult times,” continues Hörner.

The very difficult and technically complex work began in mid-2002. The entire bridge construction received a new corrosion and surface protection. The suspended construction and the electrotechnical equipment were completely renewed. The abutments, consisting of natural stone blocks, the wing wall and the bridge piers were then completely renovated.

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