Cover May 2021

Waterside cargo handling will increase in May 2021

In May 2021, a total of 567,529 tons of goods were handled in the Mannheim ports, 11.1 percent more than in May 2020 with 510,809 tons.

A particularly high increase was recorded in the goods classes ores and metal waste (+ 82.02 percent) and iron, steel and non-ferrous metals (+ 75.82 percent). The goods classes vehicles, machines, other semi-finished and finished goods, special transport goods (+ 45.16 percent), chemical products (+ 27.36 percent) and other food and feed (+ 26.29 percent) also achieved growth.

The tonnage of the waterside container traffic rose from 66,303 tons in the same month last year by 24,625 tons to 90,928 tons (+ 37.14 percent). In terms of 20-foot containers, throughput grew by 2,301 TEU from 6,364 TEU in May 2020 to 8,665 TEU (+ 36.16 percent) in May 2021.

The average water level at Mannheim level in May 2021 was 3.51 meters and thus 1.00 meters above the average level in May of the previous year of 2.51 meters.

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