Cover July 2021

Waterside cargo handling increases by 0.67 percent in July

In July 2021, a total of 527,580 tons of goods were transshipped on the waterside in the Mannheim ports. The freight transport increased by 3,535 tons from 524,045 tons in the previous year. This corresponds to an increase of 0.67 percent. In the period from January to July 2021, cargo throughput increased by 4 percent.

Compared to July 2020, the iron, steel and non-ferrous metal goods group recorded the highest growth. Here, throughput rose by 16,167 tons (+ 89.01 percent). There was also an increase in the solid mineral fuels (+ 53,129 tons, + 62.40 percent) and chemical products (+ 17,680 tons, + 32.08 percent) goods classes.

Waterside container traffic fell from 9,087 TEU in July 2020 by 1,780 TEU (- 19.59 percent) to a total of 7,307 TEU. The tonnage decreased from 77,196 tons in the same month last year to 74,864 tons (- 3.02 percent).

The cargo was handled by a total of 469 ships. This is 100 ships less than in the previous year. The decline is due to the flood. The average water level in July 2020 at Rhine level Mannheim was 5.65 meters and thus 2.99 meters above the average level in July 2020 with 2.66 meters.

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