Cruise ships dock again

Blick auf die BASF vom Wasser aus bei Nachtbeleuchtung.

Port of Mannheim: cruise ships dock again

The second passenger ship of this month docked in the Mannheim commercial port yesterday. The COVID-19 pandemic had led to the berths for cruise ships remaining empty from March. On average, 600 to 700 river cruise ships call at Mannheim harbor. The Mannheim port company did not expect the market to recover for two to three years. Port Director Roland Hörner sees it as a positive sign that cruise shipping on the Rhine is now slowly starting up again: “In July, 19 ships were already registered. I did not expect the travel industry to be able to offer river trips and excursions profitably again under the given circumstances. I am happy about this development. Perhaps younger people in Germany are now discovering this form of vacation. ”

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