Greening projects in the commercial port

With the planting of the green area around the parking lot of the Upper Rhine house and the traffic islands in the commercial port, the port company began to create smaller green oases in the industrial area in 2008.

Another “green” project will follow in the next few weeks. This time hornbeam hedges and mixed-flowering hedges are to be planted along the connecting canal between the Teufelsbrücke and the Neckarvorlandbrücke. From the point of view of the port company, this creates a visual embellishment and a friendlier face of the port towards the neighboring city district of Jungbusch. In addition, the greening reduces the proportion of fine dust in the air. Port Director Hörner would like to send a positive signal through the greening: “We want to show through our commitment that we are a modern and environmentally friendly port and see ourselves as part of the city.”

The Staatliche Rhein-Neckar-Hafengesellschaft Mannheim mbH (HGM) is a company of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The HGM has been managing the Mannheim ports since 1990.

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